All that’s left to do

all there is to do

All of usare thrown into this lifewe didn’t ask forbut want to keep. So we learn(finally and perhaps)that all that’s left to dois love.

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The starflower


The starflower blooms in the forest.You might walk on by—but if you do,you’ll never know love is everywhere,even in the darkest of places.

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Dandelion seedslike angelsin the sun. We might notalways see itbut the truth isevery seedand every leafpossesses thisheavenly glow.

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Love’s face

love's face

Love shows its face when you least expect.Such as when you find a beetle on its back,legs striving to reach the home of soil,and you gently nudge it right-side up.No chocolates, no flowers. Just striving in the dirtand knowing what being is.

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What ifwe saw the worldthrough the eyes of the world,if we saw what’s best for the worldis best for us,if we allowed ourselvesto be smaller, to be nobody,to be a walk-on partin the world’s lovely play?

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Down deep in the dirt,the soil browning my palmsand filling my nails. I might decide to eat lunchwithout washing my handsso as to consume the universe.

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When the rain stops and the sunshines I step outside and countthe sprouting seeds amid therotting leaves—and fall in love.

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All I want is what I got. The warm smellof yesterday’s grassThe birds singing.A fly. All I got is what I want.

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Can we?

can we?

Can we consider it an honourwhen the phoebe choosesto build a nest under our deck?Can we be a place of safetyand of love? Can we live togetherin this land called home,under the same April sun? Can we be good?

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Often it’s enough to watchthe wind-waved boughsand see life in every cell.

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Big love

big love

Wait long enough,watch hard enough,lose your self,find another self—in the wholeloveness of it all.

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What if everything is heldin the silent spruceand the wren that arrivesfrom the east?

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What, asked Bird, if we are simply mirrorsreflecting the wholeness of the world?

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It just works

it just works

One day you’ll learn, said Bird,the world works perfectly just as it is.All you need do is play your part.

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Circle of life

circle of life

Don’t be afraid of the wolvesthat howl over the lakefor they eat the deerthat eat your Hostas.

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The dead are smiling

the dead are smiling

There’s a cemetery in Pariswhere they don’t cut the grass,vines twist free and flowerssway over mossy stones.I like to think the dead are smilingwith so much life around them.

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Falling for uncertainty

falling for uncertainty

Inside my chest is a gaping holeof uncertainty. Sometimes I liketo fall into it, knowing I will becaught by the gentlest of love.

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Staring at a squirrelstaring at me. The world looking at itself.In love.

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Let me breathe the same breath as the chickadee,walk the same path as the deer,feel the sun, the rain—and smilebecause I’m home.

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Every part

Every part

When everything is already hereand every part is part of every thing,we tread quietly and plant, lovingly,in the whole soil of the kind world.

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Most alive

most alive

If we dare stop for a secondand let the cold seep inwe hear the world and realizewe are most alivewhen we die to ourselvesa little.

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