Each day is a meditation on the beauty and wonder that surround us.

Most of all, it's about love.

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"I really needed this one today. These are like vitamins. You can’t benefit from taking a bottle full all at once and then going two months without taking any. You need them daily." - Steve E

What readers say

What I love about your work is the simplicity of it. How you condense the mood into so few, and perfectly chosen, words. I always feel like I’m right there with you.

Jill C

You continue to astonish me with how your drawings and words interact and create such a larger impact than the one without the other might—really dig your work.

Kim L

I am rarely speechless. Your pictures and writing leave me speechless. I want to hang your pictures around my room.

Jonathan T

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Work by Snubsta

Shoulder the Sun

Then I remembered it's futile to shoulder the sun to stop it setting.

The Courage to Stand Still

Some days I have the courage to stand still and let the world seep around my legs while it whispers secrets in my ears.

The Flower of a Strawberry

Have you looked at the flower of a strawberry and noticed how perfect it is? And here grow ten thousand.

Everyday Heaven

Look closely and you might find a bird on a branch with its fluffy feathers is an everyday portal to heaven.

Book available

Stillness Allows

These extraordinary poems and illustrations are a potent mixture of simplicity and depth, revealing fundamental truths in simple, accessible ways.

Reading this book will remind you of the beauty of life and make each day a little bit better.

Stillness Allows book cover

What readers say

I think I finally took a deep peaceful breath for the first time in days. Thank you.

Anna M

How do you do this??? You create such effective powerful feelings in only few sentences or words. Brilliant. Very admirable.

Michael F

I’ve been receiving your illustrations and poems everyday, and they always make me smile. They are brilliant and so touching in many ways…so much wisdom and heart. 

Susan T

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