Blade of grass

blade of grass

When fear swells inside,look down and seespring’s first blade of grass,defiantly, lovingly green.

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Morning story

morning story

On this sleepy morning of nothingnesswhen I count every needle on the hemlock tree,a woodpecker lands in its alivenessand I wake up.

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Blind to paradise

blind to paradise

How easy it is to lowerour minds and fail to noticethe sun through the trees. Blind to paradise, we seekit in places away from hereand far from now. And so we wonderwhy happiness slipsthrough our grasping hands. Then one day we wake upand laugh at how readilywe missed what’s here.

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I like to step outinto the dark of nightwhere only the moonis watching.

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Can never reach

can never reach

It takes stillness and trustto remember our greatesttruth is buried deep inside uswhere the noise of the worldcan never reach.

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Simply waitingfor the first rays of heavento peep throughthe cracks in thought.

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Allow it in

allow it in

Isn’t it ironic, he said,that the easiest wayto mend what ails usis to quietly relaxand allow it in.

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The empty place

the empty place

Why does the worldinsist on rattling me?On poking me?On dazzling me?When truth`is found in the empty placewhere everything is.

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Turkey feet form perfect arrowsin the snow. You can follow them,if you wish, on their wandering path.Pointing somewhere,going somewhere else.Walking in desire.

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Where do we go?

where do we go?

Where do we gowhen life’s glitter fades,when we can eat and drink no more,when we’re done talking and laughing? We go to stillness,where joy lives.

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The wild part of me

The wild part of me is alsothe soft part of me.There are no claws, no teeth, no blood.Instead, an opening, a melting, a loving.A letting in and a giving out.

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Love speaks

love speaks

Love, said Bird, speaks loudlywith its quiet voice. When you’rebusy talking or thinking, you can’thear it. But if you’re still, love tellstruth so bravely you hear nothing else.

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