Deep time

deep time

Sometimes I fret about yesterdayor worry about tomorrow.Then I noticethe granite cliffbehind my house.

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Negative space

negative space

We’re told to ignore the emptypart, to step away from the voidand mind the gap. So instead webusy our heads with the full partand are glad our lives are complete.But what if the empty part isthe important part and the fullpart is merely a distractionfrom what is truly real?

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When I dieI hope they makea statue of meso I can wait in stillnessand see all the thingsI never sawbecause I was too wrapped upin my own self-ness.

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Home and family

home and family

One day we will extendour family beyond theThanksgiving table andour home beyond ourlocked front door.Until then, we fight alonein this brutal, beautiful world.

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The seeds I sowedin little black potsunder chicken wireneed ice and snowto germinatewhich is why I trustspring will cometo every one of useven when it seemsour winter will never end.

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Remembering can bethe funniest thing.Where do you goand how can I forgetyou have gonewhen you come backso easily?

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Run away to home

There are days when I wantto run away to home—to that place that is right,where the ground smells like comfortand the trees wave hello. There are dayswhen I rememberand so—gladly—I come home,I am home,I am.

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When I was a boy I would delight in the orangeness of the autumn leaves…

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How frightening, how lonely to be me against the world…

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