What the body says

Wisdom pie

Whenever there’s a tinge of upsetness or not-rightness,
I like to ask my body:
Hi, body, what’s up? Is there anything going on you’d like to tell me?
And my body would say:
You know what? I’m feeling a little fluttery in the gut or my shoulders are tight.
And so I’d sit and let my body send its signals,
like the first touch of toaster burnt
or chilled breeze from the north.

There are other times, though,
when I won’t let my body speak
and my mind insists:
I know what’s going on,
I’m in control,
I know what’s right and I don’t want to hear otherwise.
Let’s power on up and keep on going because you’ve got goals to reach and places to be.

And then the toast burns and it starts to rain regret.