Never feel sadabout a wilting flower.Every petalcontains the ideaof another bloom.

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A good mosquito day

a good mosquito day

I know it’s a good daywhen the air is stilland I allow a mosquitoto whine by my earand I say—it’s OK,you need to eat,even if you’re diningon my blood. I want more of those days.

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More and more

more and more

Will I love this worldmore and more?More mud, more stone,more tree, more flower?Will my love flourishas the world growsstrong and beautiful?

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There is no musicmore pure, no melodymore delightful thanthe first song of the wrenthat returns hometo the forest on thisnew day of spring.

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In these times when I wantto fix the world of our uncertainty,I look down and notice the seedwhich sprouts and joyfully says:I cannot believe my luck!

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Pale green lichen

pale green lichen

Fell onto the snow a piece ofpale green lichen, nature’s proofone thing needs another. I took it home to remind meI’m never truly alone.

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Three black seeds in an open pod.Waiting for water and warmthand luck.

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I will plant a plum treeby the dusty gravel patchand hope one dayto bake a delicious pieof gratitude.

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Rock time

rock time

So much to do,such places to go. Meanwhile, the rocks wait.Another’s footstepswill touch them soon.

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This is enough

this is enough

Chickadees pluck a seed,fly away, then come backand pluck another. This is their day,this is their life,this is enough.

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Scarlet pimpernel

scarlet pimpernel

TodayI sawa pictureofa scarlet pimpernelflowerand I criedbecause—how can anyonelook at a pictureofa scarlet pimpernelflowerand not lovethis worldand everythingin it?

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