Visit Sitges


One day in – I don’t know – 2002, I found myself in the Catalan seaside town of Sitges.

I was stress-working in Amsterdam, flew to visit a friend in Barcelona and…well… I just needed a break alone.

So I took the train past the airport, got off in Sitges – and found a cafe by the beach.

And I sat there for three hours, gazing at the sea.

It was one of the most relaxing, creative, productive times of my life.

That didn’t happen right away, mind you. It took a coffee, a couple of orange juices – and time.

But eventually I was able to just sit and do nothing.

Sometimes I think we’re in our heads so much we forget we have bodies.

We’re so busy processing our regrets and our fears, our memories and our hopes that we neglect our senses. We’re like a computer in a skull, a virtual reality world.

What instead if we’re able to drop our focus from the processor and notice we have a body, and realize that body is in a place, and that place is kind of alright?

What if we take off the VR headset and feel the gentle breeze, the firm ground underneath our shoes and the pulse in our veins?

While our minds are telling anxious stories, our bodies are saying, hey, it’s fine – you’re here in the world and it’s OK.

Visit Sitges. It’s close by.