Each day is a meditation on the beauty and wonder that surround us.

Most of all, it's about love.

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What readers say

What I love about your work is the simplicity of it. How you condense the mood into so few, and perfectly chosen, words. I always feel like I’m right there with you.

You continue to astonish me with how your drawings and words interact and create such a larger impact than the one without the other might—really dig your work.

I am rarely speechless. Your pictures and writing leave me speechless. I want to hang your pictures around my room.

New Book:

Stillness Allows

These extraordinary poems and illustrations are a potent mixture of simplicity and depth, revealing fundamental truths in simple, accessible ways.


Reading this book will remind you of the beauty of life and make each day a little bit better.

Stillness Allows book cover

What readers say

I think I finally took a deep peaceful breath for the first time in days. Thank you.

Your ability to see the beauty in the ordinary is ‘extra’ordinary.

Everything you write has truth and beauty in it.

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