Month: October 2020

The cup

Every time I’m herebut not here, I missthe shine on thehard, white, clean porcelain cup.

Everyday sunsets

A fresh leaf in fall,the chipmunk with hiccups,a soft mossy forest,some quartz in a stone.A new blue flower,the breeze in the branches,that cheep from the sparrow,a far wisp…


Will this Monday be the dayI learn to sweep the world’sfallen leaves; when Post-Its and dollarscan be brushed aside to revealthe sweet ground of life? Will this be…


How curious, says he one daywhile sitting on the couch,how life can be full in the headwith its to-dos and its bills,it’s difficult conversationsand its 2pm dates. And…


The kitchen smells of limethis morning – a zesty Hi!from the night before. Outside is fog,inside is Florida. Like a kick of joy in a groggy dream.

That moment

That moment,as I approach an open windowand get my first scent of the outside air.That moment…that moment is life.

The feathered things and the leafy things

When the big things and the terrible thingsget too heavy, I take a step outside,stand still and allow the small things – the feathered things and the leafy…

Let me drop into my quiet place

Let me drop into my quiet place,that deep safe of emptinessand everythingness; that warm spaceof home, where all’s OKand what’s not OKis not important. Let the rest of…


I wonder if we — as humans — would feel better stripping off the Lululemons,unpopping the AirPods, stepping out of the Lexusand remembering that we — too —…


Why do we thinkwe must rushto answers? Aren’t questions enough?

Growing down

When we’re five,we’re in lovewith fungusand berriesand mud. Then we grow up,buy a houseand wonderwhat’s missing.

Stillness allows

Perhaps it’s only when we stop and be stillthat the world begins. Only when we ceaseand rest do we see the paper-white moth,the shiny droplets on the leaf,…

Mind dust

There are minutes when I’m boredand my brain and my fingers don’t knowwhat to do, so I scroll through Twitteror Facebook or the New York Times,allowing each new…

Where it happens

In my head, there’s a full executive suite,with a CEO, CFO and a director of operations,who gets hot and busy with all the operationshe has to direct. Then,…

The osprey

One Monday morning, my head was heavy as I stressed the to-dos and the emails, Covid and CNN. My shoulders were tense and my jaw was clenched. I’d downed two coffees and needed three more. And then a bright white osprey ghosted past the window
with a fish in its talons.

Rain, forest

Have you noticed,when the rain is barreling downin the forest, it sounds likethe trees are applauding?

A new daisy

On the kind of October daywhen the leaves are brownly matted,the clouds three miles heavy,and the wind sears a knifey bite;when winter seems tomorrowand darkness rushes early —a…

Ceci n’est pas Snubsta

Where do we put the thingsthat don’t have names, which cannot startwith A or Z, or sit on this shelfor in this bin? How do we thinkabout the…

The nest

I uncovered the sparrow’s nest in the woodpile. It was made of hay, stiff, strong and light with a perfect oval dent. My brother, the engineer.

Just static

Have you ever wondered – he says one Thursday night –whether most of what we call lifeis – actually –just static?Is day-to-day reality the popcorn at the movieor…

The world turns

Those loons, which must knowtheir warm water will shortly freeze.Do they worry? Or do they just fly? The monarchs, so tissue-flimsyand buffeted by the wind,they have an odyssey…